Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This Mama was Down for the Count!

1...2....3....You're Down for the Count!

I got hit the horrible nasty stomach bug! It has devastated my household!  It hit me at 3 a.m. yesterday and didn't leave until this morning.  My poor husband got it shortly thereafter.  It was so bad yesterday,  that our one year old ran the house.  Toys were everywhere and we watched the movie Frozen probably at least 3 times.  At one point she took her shirt off ran past me yelling (Like she was in the movie Braveheart)...I think I put her shirt on her probably a half a dozen times, but she continued taking it off.  Finally, I was too sick to care she spent the remainder of the afternoon shirtless.

Today, we are on the road to recovery.   It has now hit everyone successfully in my house.  So, Little Bug please do not return! Godspeed to anyone who gets this nasty little thing.

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