Monday, May 25, 2015

DIY Little Charmers Birthday Party

Sparkle Up Little Charmers! 


I created a 3D Chandelier to hang as the cupcake table's main feature.

Check out the tutorial on how to make a 3D Chandelier

I hung posters of each of the Little Charmer that I printed from Nick Jr.

Lavender Printable Poster

Posie Printable Poster

Hazel Printable Poster


I purchased a witches hat candy mold to make the milk chocolate and white chocolate hats for the cupcake toppers.


Every good Little Charmer knows a potion or two. The kids created their own "potion."   I purchased mini bottles from Amazon for the kids potion bottles.

The kids could mix: 
Pink Toad Juice (Pink Lemonade)
Eye of Scorpion (Sierra Mist with blue food coloring)
Newt Tongue Slime (Cherry Limeade)

So let's get this party started and sparkle up a charmazing party!

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