Tuesday, June 7, 2016

DIY Shopkins Birthday Party

If you have a daughter, niece, granddaughter or have even walked near a toy section in a store, you have heard of or have seen Shopkins.  Shopkins are cute little shopping items with faces and are all the rage for little girls right now. So, Shopkins was a must have party theme this year for my now 6 year old. 

When throwing parties I pride myself on keeping the decorating cost down, but that does mean that I do spend a lot of time making things myself.  For this party, I used a lot of paper. My biggest expense was the ink I used for printing. Other than that, there was no huge expense other than my time. And even a little bit of my husband's time. I recruited him to make 3 cupcake stands for me out of scrap wood that we had lying around.

I would love to pretend that the day of the party was effortless and went on without a hitch, but I would be lying. Unfortunately, there had been thunderstorms the night before so, the day of the party was extremely humid and overcast...and of course, it was scheduled to be an outdoor party. I had moments during the set up, that I truly believed that I wasn't going to get a single decoration hung despite all the work and preparation I had done. The"pretty" clear packing tape I was attempting to use would not stick to anything, so you guessed it...I had to resort to duct tape. But despite my best efforts to hide all of the ugly grey tape, it still somehow managed to peek its way through in spots. All I can say is that at least the decorations were hanging and that is all I could ask for at that point.

Although I had several hiccups setting up the party, it turned out beautifully. My daughter loved it and so did her friends.  I hope our party helps inspire yours!


I typically design my own birthday invitations and have them printed. This year,  Vista Print  had some great deals site wide at the time I needed to print.  I was able to not only print the invitations, but I created envelope stickers and a t-shirt at a great price.

Please Contact Me  if you'd like to purchase this invitation
$8.00 for a digital copy

Handmade/custom invites 
You may choose between two sizes 5x7” or 4x6”.
The Invitation Card personalized with your event details
Digital files PDF or jpg will be e-mailed to your email, you print them

Cupcake toppers printed, cut out and glued to decorative paper straws

Fun Shopkin Foods: 
Miss Twist - Twizzlers
Poppy Corn- Popcorn in popcorn boxes from Dollar General (6 for $1.00)
Kookie Cookies- Chocolate chip cookies

Occasionally, I channel my inner artist and paint murals for the back drop of kid's cake tables. For this mural I painted the background and shop, but printed several Shopkins coloring pages and colored them.  I also used scrapbook paper to create the banners using real string. 

I created larger Shopkins out of poster board for the sides of the mural

Suzie Sundae

Poppy Corn  

Lippy Lips 

For treat bags I used clear plastic treat bags with the thought that I could use any extras for another event and I simply created a 2"x4" Shopkins sticker saying "Thank You for Coming." The treat bag included a 12 page mini-coloring book with a personal thank you message on the cover, a glow in the dark bracelet, a tracing ruler and a "souvenir" picture. 

The picture frame was created out of card board, 2 kinds of wrapping paper, construction paper and some more colored Shopkins.

If you have any questions please Contact Me or comment below. I would love to help.  If you have any suggestions for the readers I love for you to share!


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