Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mom's Minute # 3 -- Kat

I saw this type of feature on a few other blogs and absolutely loved the idea of celebrating Moms.   I know that we are very busy being mom and we sometimes forget about ourselves. So, I would like to take the opportunity to honor you as a woman & as a mother.

I created Mom's Minute to introduce the world to the woman behind it all. Because you are an amazing person, not just a mom.

So it is my pleasure to introduce...Kat

Tell us a little about yourself.
       My name is Kat and I am a wife and mother to 3 amazing kiddos. I have a BS in Interior Design and MS in Environmental Design. I am currently a SAHM, playgroup organizer, blogger, photographer, carpool runner, and am contemplating giving life coaching a try...I figure you only live once, mine as well give it all a try!! Haha! Live life to the fullest!! And that is precisely what we do in our household.

What is your favorite food?
      My favorite food is peanut butter. Truth be told sometimes I take a spoon and eat it right out of the container..shhh!! I thank God everyday for not making me allergic to my favorite food. I can't even imagine! My heart goes out to all those adults and children who can not enjoy all the goodness that peanut butter has to offer.
How would you describe your clothing style
     My clothing style is often whatever is clean. haha! I have a weird body type, all legs no torso so it makes buying clothes a little tricky. I am so fortunate to be born during a time when leggings are acceptable. Thus leggings or yoga pants paired with a top is what you will almost always find me wearing. 
What was one thing you did regularly before having children?
         Peed and showered without an audience. Haha! Talked to my husband without being interrupted! I used to paint, oil paint was my preference. In fact the nursery was my “studio”. I like it MUCH better as a nursery/kids bedroom.
Describe your parenting strict, structured, laid back, easy going
      This is a great question! I am more, good cop and my husband is bad cop, haha! I am the more laid back parent...I will redirect and provide guidance but I am not good with handing out punishments.
Tell us about a proud mommy moment.
      Our oldest is in 3rd grade and is in the Chess Club at school. She attended her first tournament last month and lost all 7 games! That is basically an entire days worth of losing! And she handled it so well, she illustrated such integrity and perseverance.  This day and age I feel like losing isn’t even something that is addressed...far too often “everyone wins” and children aren’t given the opportunity to learn how to lose with grace and dignity. I was so proud of was a defining moment...a moment when I knew she would be okay in life because life isn’t about always winning or getting the job, there is failure, sometimes a lot, and it is good to know she will be well equipped for life!

What is the hardest thing about being a mom?
       Having confidence in your decisions and not questioning yourself...wondering if you made the right decisions about, you name it...breastfeeding, potty training, sports, friends, etc. 

 What is something that you have learned from your children?
          Resilience! It is fascinating how they bounce back from emotional, physical, etc. issues.  Sometimes I feel like adults let things linger for way too long.  

Thank you so much for sharing Kat! I absolutely loved your answers. I can definitely  relate to going pee and showering with an audience. Your family sounds wonderful!

If you would like to learn more about Kat check out her blog Mom on the go in Holy Toledo . You can chat with her Facebook or Twitter or follow her on Pinterest.

I would love to celebrate you,  so if you are interested in being featured on Mom's Minute please Contact me or tweet me @MrsSheetsandCo to find out more! 


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