Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It's just what a mom does!

So, tomorrow is my daughter's 101st day of school. To celebrate the 2nd graders have been asked to dress up like they are 101 years old. My daughter thought it was imperative to carry a cane tomorrow to enhance her outfit. But, as I explained to her...most people don't have canes just lying around their houses. remedy the situation...I made her a cane!

My wonderful husband saw my creation and said "someone has a lot of free time." To that I replied..."yeah, I wish! I made it while entertaining our 15 month old, hanging out with our 4 year old, making lunch, making blueberry cream cheese muffins, and doing laundry just to name a few."

But, mom's isn't that just what we do? Our lists are never ending, but some how we manage. At the end of the day all I hope for, is that I help my daughter create a wonderful memory and story about her 101st day of 2nd grade.


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