Sunday, March 22, 2015

Is Being a Stay at Home Mom a Luxury or Work?

I know this is a never ending topic, but each time I hear it...I just want to vent. An article was published in the New York Post just a few days ago about this very topic.

Just as the article states, I too know that many households rely on two incomes and working outside the home may not necessarily be a parents ultimate desire.

I do feel a sense of privilege that I am able to be a SAHM. I did work outside the home when my older kids were little and have only been a SAHM for about 17 months. I will admit I have a stronger bond and closeness with my littlest. For that, I will be forever grateful!  But, that in no way means that  being a SAHM isn't real work.  In fact, I work harder at home than I ever did when I worked outside the home. At least with an outside employer, I could get weekends off,  two 15 minutes, lunch daily and on occasion my hard work would be acknowledged and appreciated.

The way it is now, a bathroom break is a luxury. My daughter is now to the age, that if she is not put in her playpen or crib when I go to the bathroom, she has either scaled the couch to play with the light switch or she has managed to reprogram the remote and I'm stuck watching my shows in Spanish until I can figure out to fix it.

Laundry and housework is never ending.  And, there is no office or cubical for me to hide in to get it out of sight. Six people wear a lot of clothes and use a bunch of dishes. I at least have paper plates to relieve the dish issue but I can't let the kids run around naked.

So, with that being said parenting is hard work whether you work outside the home or have the privilege  of being a stay a home parent.  I just like being able to go to work in my pajamas.

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