Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wen Product Review

I was curious to try Wen since there were so many commercials and ads out there.  So I ordered online using a promo code getting the products for only $19.95 + free shipping.   By placing an order you will be put on a subscription delivery, which you are able to change delivery dates or cancel at anytime.

The Wen Basic System includes:
Wen Sweet Almond Cleansing Conditioner
Anti-frizz styling cream
Bonus:Wen SIX-THIRTEEN Ultra nourishing cleansing treatment
One time gift: Wen travel kit

After ordering I received a confirmation email stating that I was being charged $29.95 so I called billing at Wen. Customer service was very friendly and quick to refund the $10.00 without any questions after I mentioned that I used a promo code.

When I received my Wen package, it included:
16 oz Winter White Citrus
16 oz Wen Sweet Almond Cleansing Conditioner
Anti-frizz styling cream
Sweet Almond Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment

I used the Wen Sweet Almond Cleansing Conditioner for 3 days until I noticed that my hair would become weighted in appearance as the day would wear on. I should mention that I have fine hair and it is often weighted down by hair products after extended use.  So, I then switched to using the Winter White Citrus for 3 days and noticed that it caused a less weighted down look as the day wore on.  Both products worked great immediately after use and my hair was shiny and soft after blow drying.

Wen offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the products.  Despite not being completely wowed by the Sweet Almond Cleansing Conditioner,  I looked at the website to see if they offered an alternative for fine hair.   They do make a Lavender Cleansing Conditioner which is a light-weight formula that helps remove build-up.

So, I called customer service once again and told them about the issues I was having with the Sweet Almond Cleansing Conditioner and asked if they could send me the Lavender Cleansing Conditioner and I would return the Sweet Almond Cleansing Conditioner. They told me to keep the Sweet Almond Cleansing Conditioner and that they would send me the Lavender Cleansing Conditioner at no cost.  All I was asked to do is to use the new product for a while then call back and they would make a note in my account about how I liked the Lavender Cleansing Conditioner to potentially change my System package.

So...I will post about how I like the Lavender Cleansing Conditioner in a few days after I have had time to use it.


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