Friday, April 10, 2015

DIY Potty Training Center

Here is re-purposing at it's finest!  

My youngest daughter is to the age now, that I have started potty training her.  I have chosen to use the Gerber cloth potty training underpants with the plastic Gerber covers. But, when using this method as opposed to Pull-ups you need to act fast once you have realized they have pottied.   I created a potty training station in my bathroom to help aid in the quickness of changing her. And, it got my shower caddy, that I no longer use, off of my floor, so its a win win!

This may not be a fancy, but it is only temporary and it serves in a very help way. Everything I need is easy to get to and organized. 

  • Shower caddy
  • 3M hook (This was a 4lb hook)

3M Hook

  1. Mount the 3M hook in your desired location following the manufacturer directions.
  2. Hang the shower caddy on the hook and begin to organize.
I organized my caddy with plastic covers rolled and standing 2 deep in the bottom basket.  I did the same thing with the cloth training underpants in the top basket.  I set wet wipes on the soap shelf and hung her robe and wash cloth from the caddy hooks on each side.  

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