Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Easy DIY Custom Decorative Hanging Wall Plates

What You Need;
  • Clear plates of varying sizes
  • Modge Podge
  • Decorative paper
  • Plate wall hanger

What To Do:

For this project you will be laying your images and paper.  So, I tried many combination before hand to get the exact layout that I wanted to show through my plates.

After you have your desired layout

1.  Cut out any images you will be using as well as the circular layers that you will include in your design.

For the small plate:
I used 2 circular layers and 1 image

For the large plate:
I used 3 circular layers and 1 image

I used the plate as my template and traced around it to get my largest circular layer and worked backwards from there making each layer after that decrease by the same dimensions.

Large Plate

2.  Apply modge podge to the front side of your image and center your image in the small center circle of the plate. Allow to dry enough that it will not move when you apply the next layer.

*You can do these next few steps in 2 different ways - it is your preference. 

3.  You can either layer each piece separately directly on the plate building backwards, which is what I did or glue each piece by stacking them one on top on the next and then Modge Podge all the layers on to the plate at once.

Small Plate

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