Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dad's Minute #2 --Mike

I saw this type of feature on a few other blogs and absolutely loved the idea of celebrating Dads.   I know that you are very busy being dad and you sometimes forget about yourselves. So, I would like to take the opportunity to honor you as the Super man you are & as a father.

I created Dad's Minute to introduce the world to the man behind it all. Because you are an amazing person, not just a dad!

So it is my pleasure to introduce...Mike

 Tell us a little about yourself.

    I consider myself to be a typical dude.  I love football, I hunt, I fish, I do my own car repairs, I’m a member of Mad Cowford Improv group, if I need a handyman I go into the garage and get my tools, I do my own yard work, I carry a pocket knife, I love all things electronic, I believe the Bible is true, I’m a die-hard Florida Gator fan, I shave a couple times a month, I cried during The Notebook, I build furniture out of old pallets…you know, all the typical guy stuff.I also just so happen to be a stay at home dad of 4. Nearly everyday of my life holds a new adventure, whether I’m ready for it or not.

What is your favorite food?

 A nice tender T-Bone Steak. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it! 

How would you describe your clothing style

 I'm not big into the latest fashion trends and I don't go out shopping for myself for clothes very often. I still have shirts I wear from High School. As a kid my dad always told my sister and me "Don't follow the trend, make a new one." (or something to that effect) And that has always kind of stuck with me. I like to wear clothing that's not the same thing as everyone else. Not that I want to look like a clown or something but I enjoy unique stuff and enjoy actual vintage clothes, not necessarily the modern clothes made to look vintage

What was one thing you did regularly before having children?

I had kids I would sleep in quite regularly, I really miss that. I would also do more "last second notice" things. Go play in a pick-up game of basketball, go hang out with a buddy, go grabs some wings at a moments notice. Now stuff like that is a thing of the past my wife normally works evenings and nights so I'm home by myself watching the kids and it involves quite a bit of planning to get someone else to watch them

Describe your parenting strict, structured, laid back, easy going
 I'd say I have a laid back structure. My personality is very laid back but with 4 kids I need to create a structured environment for them to thrive in. It's always a balancing act.

Tell us about a proud daddy moment.
 I actually remember in the first days of being a Dad how incredibly proud I was of my newborn son. How my chest literally swelled as I showed him to people and later I realized it was sort of odd to be that proud of him considering he hadn't really done anything to be proud of. He just existed. A more recent moment was when my wife unfortunately had to work on our oldest son's 5th birthday. He had requested to go out to brunch at Cracker Barrel, I wanted to honor his request but that meant I had to take 4 kids there myself. When we got to the parking lot I gave them all a big talk about how if they couldn't behave we would just leave in the middle of our meal. They walked right in sat in their seats, used every manor they had ever learned, said please and thank you and ate all their food with out even as much as one argument or whine or screech. I felt like super dad of the decade. Every waitress in the place came over to tell them how well behaved they were. It was really a great day.

What is the hardest thing about being a dad?
 As the stay at home parent, it never ends. It's a non-stop 15 hour a day, 7 day a week job and you're on-call the other 9 hours of the day. It's relentless, there are days when I want or need a break and I can't have it. When I'm sick, it's too bad. It can be very draining at times.

What is something that you have learned from your children?

 Enjoy the little things. They get so excited about the smallest of things and I've learned I need to appreciate some of the smaller things in life myself.

Thank you so much for sharing Mike!  I loved reading your responses & it is so nice to get a Dad's perspective. 

If you want to find out more about Mike check out his blog Sunshine Dad. You can chat with him on Facebook and Twitter or follow him 0n Pinterest 
and Instagram.

I would love to celebrate you,  so if you are interested in being featured on Mom's/Dad's Minute please Contact me or tweet me @MrsSheetsandCo to find out more! 


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