Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chocolate Covered S'mores Sticks

With my daughter in kindergarten and a monthly snack rotation, I wanted to do something  other than the usual pre-packaged snacks.   At her school, we are still allowed to bring in homemade snacks. So, who doesn't love a good s'more?!

Box of honey graham crackers
1 jar of marshmallow fluff
1 bag of semi sweet chocolate chips or almond bark

Break the graham crackers in half

Spread marshmallow fluff on one graham cracker, and pop the other one on top creating a sandwich.  Repeat until you have enough sandwiches. I prepared 3 sandwiches per child. {which fit perfectly into snack baggies}

Place sandwiches on a lined cookie sheet and immediately place in the freezer  in order to set the fluff and stop the oozing.

While the sandwiches set, melt either 1 bag of semi sweet chocolate chips or almond bark.

Prepare a second cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

Dip each sandwich in the chocolate, and tap off extra chocolate.

Pop them on the cookie sheet to harden.  I added sprinkles, but feel free to add your own toppings.  

And Enjoy!  



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