Monday, October 26, 2015

Perfect Linens Second Skin Sheet Set GIVEAWAY!

I loved Perfectlinens 'Second Sheets' so much...
I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY!

Perfectlinens 'Second Skin' Sheets even make the perfect gift!  Their outstanding suppleness is the result of a natural enzyme process which removes molecules from the cell walls of the cotton, making the fibers easier to bend. The enzyme process is permanent so the exceptional suppleness cannot wash out. Sateen-weave, with fewer yarn-locking intersections per square inch, further reduces stiffness. The durable 400-threadcount Egyptian cotton construction is mid-weight and ensures dependable wear.

 So, give the gift of of soft sheets for a comfortable sleep. 

 $30 off your purchase of Perfectlinens 
Use promo code SheetsHolidays30 OFFER EXPIRES 12/31/15


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