Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Have You Tried TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® Pods Yet?

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As a busy mom of four, slowing down is not usually in my schedule. But, with the ease of TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods, I'm able to work a cup into my day.  The new TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods let you escape your chaos and allow you to explore a world of flavor from the comfort of your own home.   Your taste buds send you on imaginary journey through exotic lands of sweet cinnamon, fragrant cardamom, and spicy ginger, leaving you feeling invigorated.

I was so excited at the chance to try TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods.  I already loved TAZO® Chai, but to be able to make it using the TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® Pods...what gets easier than that? You are able to enjoy a rich, creamy cup of chai latte at the push of a button.

Here are the simple steps, making it easy to fit a cup into your busy day:
  1. Pour your included packet into your mug. This packet is made with sugar, milk, cream, honey, and natural flavors – this makes the creamy part of the latte.
  2. Place your TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods into your Keurig®
  3. Select the 8 ounce size on your Keurig® and hit start.
  4. Stir and enjoy!

  Padma Lakshmi's partnership visit TAZO.com/chai .

Find where to buy TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods at TAZO.com/wheretobuy

You can connect with TAZO® on Facebook Twitter | Pinterest | and Instagram.

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