Friday, January 9, 2015

Just One of "Those" Days

I'm sure as a parent we've all had one of "those" days.  Mine was today!  Let me start by saying, if I could have avoided the grocery store today I would have, but I was out of everything important. So I had to go. I had a feeling when getting ready to leave that the trip just wasn't going to go as smoothly as I would like.

So here are the highlights otherwise I could rant and rave for days

  • The 15 month old was crabby before leaving and I had to take both her and the 4 year old.
  • It was bitterly cold...almost too cold to go out with a 15 month old & 4 year old, but like I said I needed some necessities.
  • My cart rattled and pulled to one side
  • The 4 yo decided to dance in the aisles which were full of employees stocking shelves and for as cold as it was outside the store was crowded.
  • The 15 mo old kept unzipping my purse and rummaging through it.
  • Again the 4 yo continued to dance in the middle off the aisles all while the 15 mo old  tried to climb out of the shopping cart.
  • In a desperate attempt to speed up the shopping trip, I would mistakenly skip items on the list and then need to back track to get them.
  • In the checkout line the 15 mo old continued to attempt to climb out of the cart.
  • I was asked for my drivers license by the cashier to purchase wine (which was very necessary by this point) but it wasn't where I usually kept it because the littlest one rummaged through my purse at the beginning of the trip. I was ready to dump my purse out on the check out line floor...Just as I said that I must not have it I found it in my make-up bag of all places. So don't worry I got my wine!
  • After that near disaster we headed to the the bitter cold...and the littlest one AGAIN tried climbing out of the cart and managed to turn herself sideways all while flinging her body backwards and nearly falling out of the cart while I'm trying to push it, not get hit by dumb drivers not paying attention, hold on to the 4 yo so she doesn't get hit by cars and not miss where I parked the van.
  • I get everyone & everything loaded into the van and start to pull out of the parking lot and the low tire pressure light comes on. REALLY!!!
  • After pulling over and checking all of the tires..none of which are flat... I proceeded to drive home, but not without one more thing...
  • As I am in the middle of an intersection an older gentleman failed to look up and see my pretty silver van in his way and decided to pull out anyway nearly hitting me and then thought it was acceptable to give me a dirty look as if I had done something to him.

 I made it home safely and so did my wine...together we are dealing with today's events just fine.

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