Thursday, January 8, 2015

Long Time No Blog!

Hi Everyone!

I apologize for my absence.  We recently switched our cable from Comcast to Dish Network, which in turn meant that we also needed a different internet provider.  So here's a little product/Service provider review...

Dish Network

***** (5 Stars)

We loved the customer service provided with Dish Network.  Everyone was very friendly and technician appointments were clear, prompt and well notified.  The technicians were knowledgeable and worked in a timely fashion.  The picture and HD quality is awesome. The cost is also very affordable for more channels and almost 1/2 the price of Comcast. I highly recommend switching to Dish Network if you do not already have them.


** (2 Stars)

Where I live in Central Illinois, Dish Network partners with Frontier to provide internet services and allows you to bundle the services.  So, naturally, we agreed to have Frontier set up WiFi in our home.  After 5 appointments and no returned phone calls as promised, we cancelled the appointment to set up services. 

I gave 2 stars because everyone that my husband and I spoke with to set up services was extremely friendly and apologetic for the failed contact.  However, despite their extreme kindness we did not have a solidified installation date scheduled nor was one in our future.

I do not recommend Frontier. 
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