Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ladder Storage System

I am on an organization crusade!

I was looking for toy storage options for our living room and came across several ladder storage ideas on Pinetrest.

I recruited my AMAZING husband to assist on this project. (Well, it would be more accurate to say I recruited him to basically construct the ladder)  So, he made this oak ladder for me and I ordered a 3 set of baskets

What you'll need:

(2) 6'  Oak 1 x 4's  - I got mine from Menards
(3) 1 1/8" Oak Dowel Rods - Menards  (Both the 1 x 4"s, rods & hooks $30)
1 1/8" Spade Bits
(6)  Hooks
3 Baskets -  Amazon ($20 + free Prime shipping)

What to do:

Measure equal distance on both 1 x 4's to place 6 dowel rods that will be used as rungs (roughly 9" apart).  Drill 1 1/8" holes at your designated marks. Glue the rungs into place.  Once dry stain or paint your ladder. 

Choose 6 hooks with your desired finish or paint to your desired finish ( S hooks will work). Put hooks through your basket and hang from the rungs.

Happy Building!


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