Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Mirrors (Set of 3 )

I first saw similar mirrors at Pottery Barn, but they were so expensive. After I got to looking at them, I realized that I could make the same thing but for much less.  

What you need:  (I found my materials at Hobby Lobby)
  • (1)16 3/4" large brown flat basket
  • (2) 14 1/2" smaller brown flat baskets
  • (3) 8" square mirror plates $4.99 ea (found in the candle section) 
  • Liquid Nails construction adhesive

What to do:
  1.  Using Liquid Nails construction adhesive cover the back one of the  8" square mirror plates.
  2.  Center the mirror on the front of one of the flat baskets
  3.  Press down firmly and evenly as not to crack the mirror. I placed a heavy bowl on top of the mirror for a few hours
  4. Repeat steps for other two mirrors
  5. After mirrors are secure I hung each mirror to the wall using a nail and placing the nail through a loop on the basket weave.


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