Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Easy Sidewalk Chalk Paint Recipe

How to Make Sidewalk Chalk Paint

What you need:
  • water
  • cornstarch
  • liquid watercolor paint or food coloring
  • To make your own sidewalk chalk paint fill your container of choice halfway with cornstarch.  I like using muffin tins or small bowls {when you have several kids}

  • Add you choice of colors.  I prefer food coloring with younger children.  
  • Add water to the colored cornstarch and give a quick stir.  


   I usually measure it to a ratio of 1 part water to 1.5 parts cornstarch, while some people prefer equal parts.  It is completely up to you.
   The chalk paint recipe is a very forgiving recipe.  If it's too thick add water.  If it's too runny add cornstarch.  It's all your personal preference.

  My kids like using foam paint brushes to use the paint or their hands {Which they did in this case}. Sidewalk chalk paint dries lighter than it appears when wet.  The paint can be messy, but is rinses easily off of most surfaces {including your kids}.  It is safe for all ages, if supervised.

Have fun!

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