Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ella in Onederland

For this party I made everything except the cake which my awesome friend Lisa Ford made.

The invitation was created in Word. I purchased digital scrap book paper from Etsy and used images from online.

Invitation created by Mrs. Sheets & Co. 

The table backdrop is made from chicken wire and green napkins  {Similar to that when making a parade float}. I made tissue paper flowers and stuck them into the chicken wire.

I hung clocks from the ceiling using fishing line of various sizes & appearances, which I made from poster board. 

I used  a full plastic tablecloth in robin's egg blue and then cut a while rectangular tablecloth in half then scalloped the edges to create the look of Alice's dress & apron.

Heart Guard 

I hot glued googly eyes to daisies I purchased at Hobby Lobby 

Using various fonts - I printed "THIS WAY" "THAT WAY" "WRONG WAY" "TEA PARTY" "GO BACK" onto construction paper, cut them into arrows, then glued them larger black arrows 
For Printable Arrows CLICK HERE

Alice Outfit created by Mrs. Sheets & Co.

I hope this inspires you to create your own Onederful birthday party.

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