Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt

It is so easy for kids to get bored in the summer. They are used to using their minds for 8 hours each day while at school.  I had the problem with mine children being bored after only the 4th day out of school.  So, I created a Scavenger Hunt for them. It was nothing fancy, but they had a blast!

What You Need:

  • Brown paper bag
  • A Note card or piece of paper
  • A Marker

What To Do:

Create a list of items that the kids can gather from either around the house, the yard or at the park. I picked items that could all fit into their brown paper bags. I wanted my kids to be challenged a bit so, I included detailed items like:

3-grey rocks with black spots
1-stick that is the width of your hand from thumb to pinkie
1-dark green leaf
1-light green leaf
1-dead bug {they loved this one!}
4-blades of grass
1-Something round
1-Something square

{I was trying to be creative and unique in what I had them find so that it would take them some time to complete}

Once my list was complete, I gave each child a paper bag with a list of items inside.  Each list started with a different item so that they were not looking for the same thing at the same time.

I had them all sit with the bag closed and in their hands until I told them "Go."

They raced around the yard, each collecting the items. They lined up their bags as they came in. As I checked each bag for correct completion of the list, a new winner emerged.  It was funny to see the older kids faces when the littlest one won because she found all of the items exactly.

So, there was even a lesson to be learned when playing. It's not who comes in the fastest, but the one who does it thoroughly wins the race.

I think they had me create a new list 3 or 4 more times. So, needless to say it was a big hit.
Happy Hunting!

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