Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Perfect Linens Second Skin Sheet Set Product Review & Special Reader DISCOUNT!

Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers   

I had the opportunity to try a Perfectlinens sheet set. I must say, they are the softest, most comfortable sheets I have ever used!! They felt as though I had them for years and they were "worn" just enough to be soft and snug, instead of the new sheet crunchy feeling that most have.  The sheets were so impressive they even gained the attention of my husband. Without mentioning them to him, he climbed into bed the first night I put them on and commented on their softness.  He just thought they were an old set we had not used in awhile. He was surprised to learn that they were a new set of sheets.  

As I am sure like many of you, you are taught that the higher the thread count the softer the sheets will be. I was surprised to learn that Perfectlinens Second Skin sheets are made from 400-threadcount sateen.   The extreme softness is due to a unique process used by Perfect Linens. 

Second Skin's" outstanding suppleness is the result of a natural enzyme process which removes molecules from the cell walls of the cotton, making the fibers easier to bend. The enzyme process is permanent so the exceptional suppleness cannot wash out. Sateen-weave, with fewer yarn-locking intersections per square inch, further reduces stiffness. The durable 400-threadcount Egyptian cotton construction is mid-weight and ensures dependable wear. Made in Portugal.

  • Enzyme-treated 100% Egyptian cotton
  • 400-threadcount sateen
  • Generously oversized 
  • Embroidered Hems on Flat & Pillowcases

There is nothing I hate more than sheets that never stay secure over the corners of the bed or that the flat is never big enough to show off the beautiful detailing on the sheets. These are generously-sized sheets. Oversized flat sheets ensure the stitched embroidery can be “turned back” for display; all-around-elastic contour sheets fit all but the ultra-deep mattresses. 

I must say that I also was very impressed that the sheet sets came with care instructions in order to extend the life of the sheets and avoid waxiness & clinginess. I guess that I never really thought that sheets were susceptible to buildup during the washing process. I love being able to learn something new from a product that can extend its longevity. 

 We test all sheets in a laboratory for various attributes (smoothness, softness, 

 coolness etc...) before we market them. We only sell the best performing 

sheets and we market them by how they *feel* avoid all confusion 

 and myth surrounding threadcounts etc. This is what truly sets us 
 apart. Our founder and CEO Thomas has been selling sheets since he was a 
 college student and after decades is driven by a passion to bring sleepers 
 only the best sheets, without confusing market terms about threadcount and 
 such. He's running his business out of passion for high quality sheets! 

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