Monday, November 30, 2015

Lamp Angel, the Perfect Holiday Gift for Kids

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How many times have you been stuck in the dark when the power has gone out?  For me, it has been too many times to count.  I don't have candles just sitting around since I have a 2 year old running around. Candles are just not practical.  So, I find myself searching for a flashlight in the dark and then hunting for candles to set in very strategic places so the little cannot reach them.

I had never heard of Rely-a-Light until I had the pleasure of receiving one.  It is such a great concept and a beautiful product. 

 Rely-a-Light is a normal table lamp until a power outage. Then, with no human interaction required the body of our lamp lights up and remains on until the power is restored up to 24 hours, giving you safe mobility until power is restored at which time the emergency function goes off, the battery recharges and the lamp again functions as a normal table lamp.

The Lamp Angel  is awesome!  All of my kids absolutely love it.  

  •  For Kids of All Ages!
  •  16 Fun Color Changing LEDs that are also an EMERGENCY LIGHT during a Power Outage
  • Remote controlled- that includes fade, strobe, flash & smooth lighting options
  •  USB port charges your phone with or without electricity
The emergency light is energy efficient. The top portion of the lamp is energy efficient when a compact fluorescent bulb or a LED bulb is used.

The lamp itself operates as any other table lamp; you may turn it off and on as often as you wish. The emergency function is designed to come on at the loss of power and remain on until power is restored up to 24 hours. Should you need or desire to turn off the emergency function (i.e. Moving the lamp from one location to another) there is a switch on the bottom of the base of the lamp for that purpose.

The Lamp Angel would make the perfect gift.  It is stylish enough to sit anywhere in your home or even in a child's bedroom as a nightlight.   The soft glow would make any child feel safe and secure.  

Check out Rely-a-Light and see how many styles emergency lighting offers.

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