Monday, November 2, 2015

Perfect Linens 'Second Skin' WINNER

I love Perfectlinens and I hope you will consider giving the gift of comfortable sleep this holiday season. 

 $30 off your purchase of Perfectlinens 
Use promo code SheetsHolidays30 OFFER EXPIRES 12/31/15

Just a few facts from Perfectlinens 
  • We're sheet experts, the only website that specializes in sheets; other retailers sell 500 types of products. With over 30 years experience selling sheets to the biggest retailers, no one knows sheets as we do. 
  • We search the world for the best sheets.  Using tests and fabric analysis like Nike and NASA, we identify the most comfortable sheets.  We are unique with our novel emphasis on objective research. 
  • Sheets change after use so we test after multiple launderings. Shoppers know how they'll feel during their lifetime, saving money and eliminating frustration. We offer free shipping both ways as a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Instead of searching through hundreds of products and tens of websites, we offer a small curated selection of exceptionally comfortable sheets... the best of the best.

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