Monday, November 2, 2015

DIY Wooden Love Sign with Coordinating Sconces

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I absolutely love this project!   I found this beautiful wall art project on Pinterest from Shanty 2 ChicIt is extremely EASY and looks amazing when finished.  With a little help from my wonderful  & very handy husband, we were able to complete this project in only a few days. 

 Take a peek at how it turned out....

Let’s get started!
You will need a 2x8 board.  
For each vase you will cut a piece of wood 16″.

As Shanty 2 Chic suggested, I used the Vaseline Distress painting method.  

I first stained the board in my favorite stain Ebony to give it a dark rich color.
Once that was dry I rubbed some Vaseline on the corners and a few other spots and then gave each board 1 coat of glossy white paint .

After letting that dry, I used a hand sanding block to distress the paint.

Next I added my hardware!  I found these at Menards’s in the lumber section and the bottle I purchased from Hobby Lobby.

My LOVE Wall Art was created using varying 
1×2″ furring strips
1×3″ furring strips
creating wall art measuring 24"x 36"
All furring strips were secured with metal straps on the back of the piece.
It was stained with the same Ebony stain that was used on the coordinating scones.

I created my own stencils using painters tape. Once dry, I used an 80 grit sanding block to lightly distress each letter. 

I traced a heart on a folded piece of paper and then cut it out to create my template. I then traced the heart onto the wood.

I created rosettes by rolling & hot gluing burlap onto felt circles.  And then used my hot glue gun to fill in the heart! 

So what do you think?


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