Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fabric Heart Wreath: Perfect for Valentine's Day

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This is the easiest & one of the cheapest wreaths to make. You can make it for any season by using any color scheme or shape that you would like.
I didn't have a wreath for February, so I decided to make a Valentines Day themed one!

Let's get started:

Bend a wire hanger into the shape
of a heart with the hanging part at the top V.

I used old fabric that I really didn't have a use for and got for free.  Cut scraps of fabric in any size, and shape.  Mine are 5-6 inches long and about an inch or so wide.  I just eyeballed cutting. There is no need to be perfect.

Then just tie all the scraps around the heart shaped wire. This is the part that is a bit time consuming. 

Finish it off with a bow at the top
and you're done!

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