Saturday, January 16, 2016

#OOTD: My 1st Fabletics Outfit and Review

We have all seen the commercials for Fabletics featuring Kate Hudson. I apparently could not resist the temptation any longer and finally broke down and ordered my first Fabletics outfit!  So, I thought I would share my experience and what I think of the products for anyone else who is considering a purchase.

First of all, they have a large selection of outfits.  And for the most part, I would wear any of them. For me, I narrowed it down to something that I would not only wear to workout and run in, but something that I could wear around the house. 

I joined as a VIP member to get my first outfit for $25.  They give you a questionnaire about where you want to wear your outfit, color preferences, and size preference.  

After the completion of your lifestyle quiz, they want a little more information. But, according to this screen as a VIP member your first outfit is 50% off + free shipping. Despite this discrepancy I continued to see what was actually offered.

I looked through many outfits and loved most of them.  I agreed to become a VIP member. And here's how it works...

After clicking 'Start Shopping' this was the pop up.  Again, showing the first outfit being $25 + free shipping.

I browsed through many different outfits and styles before finally settling on one.  This is not the outfit I chose, but an example of what I saw

As you can see, there is a discount given. The regular price of the outfit was $199.85,  VIP members paying $109.95 and first time buyers paying $54.97

I continued to the checkout with a different outfit in my cart to see if the $25 first time buyer price was adjusted at the end. 

As you can see, this outfit is not being sold for the advertised $25.  During my outfit search, I did not see a special $25 section of outfits.   I was afraid that I was doing something wrong and finding the promo code or  something.

Here is the disclosure that I found regarding the promotion 

*Promotional offer applies to the highest priced item in your first purchase, including Outfits, when you enroll as a Fabletics VIP Member. Free shipping applies to orders of $49.95 before discount. Offer expires after 24 hours and cannot be combined with any other offer.

I continued with my order despite it not being $25.  I was truly curious about the quality of the product. 

I ordered the Manuka outfit and paid $29.97.  The quality of the materials is fantastic. The shirt is extremely soft and comfortable to wear.  It is a fitted top so, order accordingly.  The Lima capris are awesome! They are maximum compression fit. They are made of thick polyester and spandex. They will be perfect for running and working out. 

I am truly impressed by the quality of the products and would recommend them to others as long as you are aware that the pre-selected outfits are not $25 as advertised.

I hope this walk through and review was helpful to any curious about Fabletics



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