Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentine's Day Burlap Banner

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Happy Valentine's Day! 

I absolutely love this project. It is so easy and quick to do and it looks adorable anywhere in your home. 

What you need:


White craft paint

Elmer's glue

Red glitter

Ribbon (I used 3/8" white grosgrain)

Hot glue gun

First, cut either triangles or squares from your burlap roll. It is up to you.  I wanted small triangles, so mine are 4" to the point and 4" across the top. I cut the triangle leaving the
pre-existing finished edge making it easier to adhere to the ribbon and saving me time.  
I cut 8 triangles.

After all pieces are cut, roughly paint the fronts of the triangles. As you can see, I left unpainted places near the tops of the triangles. I wanted a more rustic feel.

Once paint has dried, make a free handed heart with Elmer's glue.  Be sure to have the heart filled in completely with glue so your glitter heart will look solid.

Then, cover each heart with glitter.  I really piled on the glitter to ensure full coverage of the heart.  Shake off any excess glitter. 

To make this project a little easier, I simply hot glued the top finished edge of each triangle to the grosgrain ribbon.  They are almost the same width so you do not see the hot glue through the burlap.

 And Ta Da!  You're all done. You can hang it anywhere.  This banner can be used for Valentine's Day or just as an everyday decoration.


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