Monday, February 8, 2016

Sumissura Custom Made-to-Measure Clothing Review

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I have always been a little envious of men's clothing.  It seems that men's sizes are pretty much the same across the board no matter the brand or company.  In my experience, a medium at one store by one brand may not necessarily have the same fit as the same as a medium in another store of a different brand. So, trying on clothes before purchasing is almost a must, unless you shop at the same store a good portion of the time.   And, when you do find your size, sometimes don't you look at the piece and wish it either had a pocket, was a different color, the neckline was different or even had a different sleeve length. 

I was so excited when I came across  Sumissura, an online custom clothing store featuring women's made-to-measure clothing.  At Sumissura, you are not a size, but unique measurements. And not all clothing is the same.  You have the ability to create a personalized wardrobe. And, the best part is that is easy to do from your very own home.

Here I have chosen to create a personalized blouse. 

As you can see, you can select sleeve length, sleeve details, fit, hemline, and collar style.  And the model featured to the right of the available options changes with each selection, so that you know what your piece will look like. 

After selecting the style of your blouse, you will then choose a a fabric .  Here I have chosen the color Dahalia.  {This shows the blouse with a V-neck}

Next, you can choose an accent fabric for your cuffs.  I choose bluebell cuffs on both the inner and outer fabric.  The model shows what my shirt is supposed to look like, when I receive it.

Once completing your custom blouse, your measurements are then entered.  This step is recommended to do with a friend for more accurate measurements. With each measurement requested, a photo is provided to ensure you are measuring the correct points.  I know basic sewing, but the pictures were extremely helpful and gave me more confidence in knowing that my measurements were correct.   You are also provided with a range of where your measurements should be. 

I hope you will consider Sumissura Custom Made-to-Measure Clothing.  It is affordable, practical and made for your unique measurements. 

Here is my finished piece and I love it.   The quality and construction is amazing and it fits great. I am so excited to have a custom piece from Sumissura.

 I recommend checking them out. It is worth every penny. There is no reason that you have to be a specific cookie cutter size.  You can just be you and have clothes that fit. 

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