Thursday, April 30, 2015

Let's Play Pretend: Doc McStuffin's Office

What child doesn't like to play pretend!  I have created several free printables to help you create your very own Doc McStuffin's clinic.

To create Patient Files:

Doc's Patient File

I used file folders and cut them in half to create Doc's Patient Files .
   {You get twice as many files and can use full sheets to complete one file}

Patient Pictures 

  I taped these patient pictures to the fronts of each of the patient files

To create a Patient Exam Table:

I used an adjustable folding table that I already had.  But, did sew a "mattress" & pillow to lay on top of the folding table.

For the mattress:

  • 2 rectangular pieces of fabric
  • Batting 

1. Measure the width & length of your table
2. Cut 2 pieces of fabric & the batting to your measurements
3. Sew along the outside edges with good sides facing each other & batting lying on the top piece of fabric, leaving an opening at the foot of the mattress to turn it right side out.
 4. Once sewing is completed turn the mattress right side out

 For the pillow

  • 2 small rectangular pieces of fabric
  • Stuffing
1. Cut out 2 pieces of fabric in your desired pillow size                                      
2. Sew along the outside edges with good sides facing each other, leaving a small opening on the short side of the pillow to turn it right side out & stuff.
3. Once sewing is completed turn the pillow right side out
4. Fill pillow with stuffing to desired firmness.

I used a scrap piece of jersey fabric as the exam table blanket.

Doc's Office Art:

Body Part Chart

Here is a printable Doc's Bear Body Part Chart that your child can color and hang in their office.

    Here is a printable Eye Chart

I hope your child enjoy's their Doc McStuffin's doctor's office as much as my kids do!

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