Monday, May 11, 2015

A Fit Mom for Mother's Day

*This post contains affiliate links. 

I got a Flip Belt for Mother's Day and now I am Flip Belt obsessed!  I had first seen the Flip Belt advertised on Amazon and thought it was a pretty neat idea.  I didn't like carrying my phone in an arm band because it would rub my arm and hurt by the end of my run and I was limited on what I could carry with me. So, I was left sticking my phone down my shirt.  It was not convenient to get to and people would look at me awkwardly, especially if I had to get my phone.

No matter if you are a walker, runner, cyclist, or athlete, if you are on the go you will find the Flip Belt very useful. Simply slip your phone, money, ID and other small items in the pocket openings and slide them around the belt. There is also a clip for fastening keys.  

I love the Flip Belt because it does not move while running. I was afraid that it would creep up on my slick running pants, but I am happy to say that it stayed securely in place.  It is also light weight. And, it easily fits under clothing, if desired. I highly recommend trying Flip Belt.

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