Monday, June 1, 2015

Chalk Another One Up For Mommy Diaries!

I know that most of my Mommy Diary stories involve my youngest daughter.  That would be because she is quite a little stinker. This time, I once again went into her room {after a successful nap this time though} where I found her without pants or a diaper on. And, to top it off her bed was soaked with pee. 

Why does she do this?  

I am not entirely sure how long she had been like this. She was sleeping at the opposite end of her crib, where I could not see her on the baby monitor. She was quite so, I figured she was sleeping and did not want to wake her by walking into her room.

I will have to say though that I am not surprised by my latest discovery because all day today, I would hear my older girls yell "Mom! She's naked again!" And, I would walk in to the room and sure enough, there she was, standing bare butt and all, just laughing.  She was so proud of herself that she had gotten undressed. And, as usual,  I would ask "where are your pants?"{She has done this same thing a time or two. In fact, just a few days ago she was found diaperless and had peed in her play pen and I had to scrub it down} I even found her napping on a different occasion with her hind end up in the air sound asleep again without a diaper on. And, about 3 days ago she was in the trampoline taking off her swimsuit.

So, as I am sure you can imagine, this happened at least 3 or 4 more times during the remainder of the day. And each time, I would find her standing there, bare butt and all, just laughing. Please let me clarify something...she was never left alone for more than a few minutes. {For instance, only long enough for me to use the restroom}.

Is it wrong that I have contemplated wrapping duck tape around her diaper? {I mean just one good wrap so that she couldn't get her diaper off}

Well, that's enough ranting and raving for now about my diaperless daughter .  Let's see if today is a more successful day with her wearing clothes!

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