Thursday, March 31, 2016

Getting Swimsuit Ready: Workout Diary Series -- WEEK 3

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I started this journey in an attempt to lose weight, get toned and look good in a swimsuit, but it has turned into so much more. I not only feel good about myself for losing weight and for running further than I've never ran before, but most importantly I found an outlet to reduce stress, get healthy and give myself a little "mommy time." I have never felt better! 

Please don't get me wrong...there's nothing better than putting on your favorite pair of skinny jeans and them being a little big and baggy.  I am so excited to report that I have already lost 7 pounds.  I think I can see a new pair of skinny jeans in my future.  Bribe a girl with new clothes and she can do anything.

I am definitely an amateur runner and constantly learning as I go.  I 

With all of my running and my clothes beginning to become baggy, the one thing I don't want big and baggy is my sports bra. Your shoes are not the only thing that you want to give you good support.  I am  a 34 C and there is nothing more uncomfortable than the "girls" bouncing around. It truly can become painful after a while. After trying many different bras in various brands and styles, I have found that Champion® Sports Bras are by far the best. These bras are made with thick durable material that provides great support while working out and running. I now own a couple of them and love each one. They are also very affordable.  

My newest sports bra is the C9 Champion® Women's Power Shape Sports Bra from Target. Can you believe that it is only $19.99?  It is definitely worth every penny. 

This week was a bit more challenging to get my running in.  The kids were home for Spring Break, which meant less quite time to squeeze in a workout and then there was Easter.  If that wasn't enough, my treadmill stopped working.  But, my amazing husband stepped in and fixed it right away, getting me back to running. I am to the point in running where I am not sore, but a little bit stiff after sitting a while and when I first wake up in the morning. So, despite Spring Break, Easter and a broken treadmill for a day, I still was able to run 15.5 miles.   That's not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Next week, I will be sharing Fat Chick Supplements Preworkout Jar of Energy.  
Please share your favorite sports bra brand. I am always looking for good ones. And as always, Please continue to follow my journey as I get swimsuit ready, learn about running and feel the positives  from all of my hard work.


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