Thursday, April 7, 2016

Getting Swimsuit Ready: Workout Diary Series -- WEEK 4

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Week 4 was an awesome week for me, despite Easter on Sunday and my kids being home Monday for their last day of Spring break.  I was able to get in a run 5 miles on Saturday, which was awesome and my furthest run so far.  I have to say that my run felt great!  

However, it is becoming more of a struggle to run further.  Running further,  results in more time spent running. And, having a 2 year old that is wishy-washy about nap time anyway presents a bit of a struggle to get my run in during that time without the extra time from running a greater distance.   Unfortunately, my only other time that I can squeeze in a run is after putting the all of  the kiddos to bed and honestly who feels like running or working out after a full day already.  But, that's a #momlife.

This week I was able to incorporate a new pre-workout supplement.  Fit Chicks Supplements Jar of Energy.  Energy in a Jar is engineered to help women accomplish all their fitness goals with energy, focus, strength, and stamina.

Jar of Energy comes in 3 flavors
Fruit Punch

The powder mixes really well and tastes as you would expect any pre-workout to. It has a decent taste and packs a "punch". I could definitely tell that I used the pre-workout supplement. I felt an added energy while running and did not feel fatigued during the run. I also love that it is also designed for women. I would definitely recommend trying their pre-workout supplements for an added edge to any workout or run.

Next week, I get to share some amazing work out clothing from Carbon 38.  Please be sure to follow along each week as I literally run my butt off all while being a busy mom.


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