Thursday, April 14, 2016

Getting Swimsuit Ready: Workout Diary Series -- WEEK 5


This week I had to pull back on my running a bit due to my tendon on the top of my foot/shin hurting. It looks like I need to be doing some more calf stretches.  So, I decided to incorporate an ab workout (without crunches) in addition to my light cardio.

  As I have said before, being able to have time to workout with a 2 year old that doesn't like naps can be challenging. So, I really like this ab workout.  No weights are needed.  I can do this workout in the living room while the little plays.  I even convienced her to do the exercises with me and it is the perfect way to work on counting.   
But, my favorite part of this ab workout is that there are NO crunches!

1.  Side Plank - hold 60 seconds repeat 3x's
2. Alternating Toe Touches - (15) repeat 3x's
3. Flutter Kicks - 60 seconds repeat 3x's
 4. Elbow Plank - hold 60 seconds repeat 3x's
5. Russian Twists - (20) repeat 3x's
6. Knee Extensions - (20) repeat 3x's

These are great exercises that will really make a difference.

What do you wear when you workout?  Do you remember when workout clothes consisted of sweatpants, sweatshirts or leotards with leg warmers? Workout fashion has come so far since then.  There is no reason you can't look good while running, cycling, or going to yoga class. One of my new favorite workout clothing companies is Carbon 38.  They have a huge selection of workout fashion.  You can choose pieces specifically for your desired activity or just choose pieces that you love.



I absolutely love the quality and the fit of this outfit.  The pieces are true to size, so just follow their sizing chart. The studio jacket is my favorite piece.  It is made of soft high quality material. It will be perfect for cool morning runs.  The sports bra, is adorable and an awesome addition to this outfit. However, does not offer great support for running, but would be perfect for cycling or yoga.  The pants have a adorable unique print and provide good support for any activity, all while adding a bit of style.  Carbon 38 is definitely a company to check out for your next workout outfit.

Please be sure to check out next week's post as I have added an arm workout to the mix. 


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